Every once in a while, a game will come along in which you’ll invest so much time and energy in, that when it’s finally over and all is said and done, you’ll sit back in your chair, breathe a sigh of relief, and yet ask yourself, “Does this game really have to end?” It leaves you with a sense of wanting more. Of wanting to keep the adventure going, along with the thrill of just extending your stay in that digital world. The most recent game that has made me feel this way was none other than Far Cry 5, a game about blowing stuff up, animal co-op partners, flying planes and recreating stunts in the fiery shadow of a long gone daredevil, and taking down a dangerous cult and its leaders. Even after all of these activities and the campaign was done, I still yearned for more which is the best thing to say about an open world video game of this magnitude.

You begin as a rookie deputy tasked with arresting the aforementioned cult leader, Joseph Seed. As usual with the Far Cry games your plans go awry, your partners are captured, the fictionalized Hope County, Montana is under siege and it’s up to you to rally a resistance and take back territory within the county. All the while eliminating Joseph’s lieutenants, his two brothers and “sister” who each control an expansive territory within the county. All this is done in beautifully rendered environments, with mountainsides looming in the distance, gorgeous flowing valleys, and extremely detailed towns, farms, and cabins for you to explore.
All the characters have their charm, from the NPCs to the “Guns for Hire”, minor characters you can have fight for you after you complete special side missions for them. The controls, including driving and gunplay, are very responsive and smooth, the same can be said for flying and boat riding. All of these aspects come together to deliver a satisfying experience that continuously lets you hit the ground running, quite literally in some instances! The story missions and themes are varied and interesting, ranging from drug-induced visions, brainwashing, and forceful adherence to rule. The most compelling chain of missions, in my opinion, were those concerning brainwashing and mind control. A few of these will have you whispering “What the heck?” as the cinematics run and the storyline unfolds. Another set of missions I loved were the challenges set up by the legendary Clutch Nixon, a stuntman who performed larger than life stunts that have become feats of glory for those willing to follow in the psychotic daredevil’s footsteps. Overall, this game is a fulfilling, unforgettable romp that’ll keep you on your toes, get your blood pumping, and have you wanting to come back for more, even if it’s just to take a stroll through Hope County’s forests, ravines, mountaintops, and watch the sunset over the gorgeously rendered hills.

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