Are you stuck on what to design next?

Let us give you a few suggestions!

When it comes to overlays or themes, playing with popular anime characters will help your designs reach multiple audiences. Whether it’s Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, or One Piece, streamers love to show off their fandoms through creative banners or stream themes.

For emotes, animals are always a great choice! Who doesn’t love an OwO owl, a sad chicken, an embarrassed puppy, or a love-struck turtle? These characters are not so specific that they would be limited to one streamer’s use and could be stocked infinitely in your shop.

Seasonal characters. Your pre-existing emotes, themes, or characters can be transformed per the season or for the holidays. Spice them up with changes to their colors, outfits, and affects to make them spooky for Halloween, ready for the Christmas season with santa hats, or sporting colorful turkey feathers for Thanksgiving.

Let us know what your go-to design inspirations are by leaving us a few comments below!

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