I recently turned my 2013 Macbook Pro over to the hands of the tech gurus at Best Buy…for about $250.


Lately, I have found myself on the move more and needed something more easily packable into a small carry-on that slides right under an airplane coach seat.

Switching to the iPad Pro was a complete change of pace. It allowed me to be more active in many aspects of my work but mostly in my art. I currently main two design programs, Procreate and the Adobe Photoshop application modified for iPads. Procreate is probably the most used on my particular device. Between the video playbacks and the wide array of customizable brushes, I have truly come to be a Procreate fan!

Though my strength lies in digital versus hand-drawn art, I found the brushes and brush sensitivity settings that determine flow to be very easy to adjust and become that much more forgiving of my shaky hands. Besides, the fact that it automatically resets any lines or circles you have drawn to become smooth or perfectly straight if you hold the shape for a few seconds is a huge bonus for emote drawing!

The coloring options work very similarly to Photoshop. Multiple color maps, saturation, hue, brightness adjustments. This coupled with the soft variations of spraypaint options makes for quick and painless shading.

They also provide a unique set of textured paints. I haven’t experimented with them enough but they have been very useful for the backmost layers of several of my offline screens.

If you have projects on other platforms it also seems pretty easy to export and import different files.

Had they included typed text options I would have given this program a 5/5! My only qualm is the fact that I cannot add text unless it is imported as an image file. If someone has figured out an alternate way to go about this please let me know because it drives me nuts.

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