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How’s life everyone, my name is Hannah AKA Glitchchic and I am a freelance marketing agent and owner of GamerVibeZ on Etsy. I am a variety streamer and creator online and have recently moved from Twitch to Youtube where I will be building my audience all over again. You can catch me on the SFG page and my own Glitchchic page on Youtube and don’t be afraid to ask to hop into a few games with me! 



Hey everyone, Im one of the 5 founders of Short Fuse Gaming, you can call me JustQThanks or Q for short. I stream over at twitchtv under the same name, I play all sorts of games, but mainly League of Legends. Im not the best player but heyo makes for good entertainment! Hope to see you in my future streams, don’t be shy to come say hi :slight_smile:



Hey everyone! The name’s ktheberserker and I’m 33 years old, a Twitch affiliate and one of the proud founding members of Short Fuse Gaming! Most of the time you’ll see me stalking the Bayou with my fellow hunters on Hunt: Showdown grabbin’ bounties and hunting the hunters, chatting with some friends and enjoying our time together, or jumping into a single-player game every once in a while to experience what that world has to offer!



Yo yo what’s up homies! My name is Itsjustalfa or alfa for short I am 21 years old a twitch affiliate as well as 1 of the 5 founders of the sfg stream team. I consider myself as a variety streamer based on the games I play online streaming offline with friends or offline alone, but I always try to have fun with what I’m doing. I may not be the greatest or one of the funniest but I always make sure it’s a good time, any who hope to see more homies pop into my stream someday! I don’t bite I just look mean but have a great day homies!



Hey everyone, I am FlexKing! I am a 35 year old twitch affiliate and also one of the founders of Short Fuse Gaming. Who’s main focus used to be just fitness and mental health. Now, you can find me gaming and helping people who are dealing with tough times. I have a very rough past, that I use to relate and help people through the hard times. As best I can. Fitness helped me kick addiction but gaming and twitch have brought me a new family. I try to keep it entertaining but am also here for people even if they just need to talk. Everyone has potential, even if they need someone to help them see it. I hope you all have a great day and keeps on pushing even when things are tough!

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I’m Regicide, AKA Reggie and SFG’s one and only VTuber. I joined Short Fused Gaming as one of their first prospects and earned my spot on the team after reaching affiliate. I stream on twitch as Regicide339, playing a variety of games including, Valheim, Call of Duty, SMITE, HADES, and Half Life: Alyx. I hope to see you in my chat!